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The «BDS academic movement for Palestine» has launched a campaign to collect signatures, supporting their manifesto and promoting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign to put pressure on Israel, launched by Palestinian civil society in 2005. The Palestinian call is growing and looks like being the only way of making Israel respect Palestinian human rights and comply with United Nations resolutions and international law. We believe that the academic world cannot remain detached from this debate. It’s important to emphasise that BDS is calling to break ties with Israeli academic INSTITUTIONS, not with academics who work there. 

The BDS academic manifesto has already been signed by over 1.400 people, 1.200 of whom are Professors and researchers, as well a a growing number of academic trade unions, research groups, etc. This is an unprecedented support in European countries and we are sure that the list of signers will keep on growing.

We collect signatures of teachers, researchers, trainee researchers and students, and also accept group support, for example, from students’ unions, worker organisations, research groups, departments, professional colleges, scientific associations, and so on.

E-mail contact: If you’ve already signed but your name hasn’t appeared yet, please DON’T sign again. Names are updated regularly.

Sign the manifesto and spread the word!

Universities and Israeli apartheid: let’s put an end to the complicity

As members of the university community, we answer the call of Palestinian society and Palestinian universities for people and NGOs around the world to join the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. This is the most peaceful and effective way of making Israel comply with international law. The BDS campaign against Israel started in 2005 in response to Israel’s constant human rights violations and the lack of determination of other countries and international organisations to take effective action. The campaign is inspired by the successful experience of the international boycott of South Africa, which brought down apartheid. It has received the support of outstanding activists like the Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu, progressive Jewish organisations such as the Jewish Voice for Peace and a growing number of Israeli academics. This shows how BDS is an effective way for us to put international pressure, through non-violent action, on Israel to respect Palestinian Rights.

The academic boycott has come about as a response to the unanimous support of Israeli universities for the policies of occupation and apartheid against Palestinians, which is materialised in close cooperation with the Israeli armed forces and discrimination against Palestinian students. This is why we are demanding that, while the State of Israel does not comply with international law and UN resolutions, the following measures should be applied:

•    The European Commission and the governments of EU countries should establish a temporary suspension of the current preferential access that Israeli universities and research centres have to the European Research Area, under Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreements. This suspension would mean the compliance with EU regulations, which establishes in Article 2 that access under the terms of this agreement is subject to respect of human rights.

•    For as long as the European Commission fails to comply with its own regulations, we demand that Spanish regional and national governments, and all political parties, put pressure on the European Commission to fulfill its obligations.

•    Since in the field of higher education the best way for us to apply pressure in Spain is the same as has been used in other universities around the world, namely an academic boycott, we demand the suspension of relations between our universities and Israeli universities and higher education centres until such time as the State of Israel respects international law and UN resolutions. At the same time we declare our solidarity with all those in Israel, whether at a university or not, who have bravely defended the human rights of the Palestinian community.

This call has the support of more than 170 Palestinian NGOs and all the Palestinian universities. For more information: and

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